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Livingworld Sunshine is a small community of just 6 apartments in 9.8 cents of land and is located less than 250 meters from Saraswathi Vidyalaya in Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum.


The project incorporates a range of energy and water efficiency measures which will save you money while making your lifestyle more environmentally sustainable.

Livingworld Sunshine will recycle and reuse its wastewater and will generate electricity through a grid connected solar photovoltaic system. Our design and construction methods along with unique ventilation strategies will keep your home cool and well ventilated.

Livingworld Rainbow consists  of 8 apartments in 12.35 cents of land and is located less than 500 meters from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. 


Monsoon consists of three full floor apartments. Each independent floor is a two bedroom unit. The ground floor apartment is 1034 square feet in area. The first and second floor apartments have an area of 1091 square feet. 

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